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Autonomous Drone Flight 101

By Brandon Guillot, RPC, MAS One of the most fascinating aspects of modern sUAS is the ability to conduct autonomous flights. These flights are conducted in a way where the pilot has determined a specific course of action that would be executed by the aircraft — but is not manually providing the “stick and rudder” […]

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Regulatory Update: Recreational sUAS in Controlled Airspace

By Brandon Guillot, RPC, MAS The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a new directive on May 16, 2019 that directly affects all recreational  sUAS nationwide. Under this new directive, all recreational sUAS must receive authorization from the FAA prior to flying in any controlled airspace. The FAA divides the National Airspace System (NAS) into different […]

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Toy or Tool: How Are We Representing What We Fly?

By Brandon Guillot, RPC, MAS A common way that I open presentations to manned pilots, airport personnel, and other decision makers is to point out that the Federal Aviation Administration has classified sUAS as “aircraft” as of 2012. While this sometimes brings out skepticism or laughs, it helps to point out that this classification allows […]

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