If you ever wanted to enter into a budding, lucrative field, getting into the aviation industry is certainly a wise choice. But there’s more to it than becoming a typical commercial airline pilot. In fact, the hottest aviation trend going right now is entering into the field of drone pilot jobs.

For many years, the United States military, as well as many other militaries all around the world have been using small UAVs  for various purposes. The FAA and the civilian world are also starting to recognize the value of UAV jobs and opening up this incredible world to regular men and women outside of the military for commercial drone jobs. In fact the FAA’s new Part 107 rules have simplified getting a commercial drone license.

This makes plenty of sense since the advancement of civilization can certainly benefit from the use of these unmanned aerial vehicles in a wide variety of ways. After we tell you why civilian drone pilot jobs are the wave of the future, we’ll share some fields that are currently utilizing this technology to the fullest right now.

UAV Pilot Jobs are an Emerging Niche

The best thing about entering into a new field is that you have the opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Becoming a remote pilot/drone pilot now, while the field is entering its first major growth state, almost guarantees that you’ll be able to attract some of the most lucrative jobs available in the industry.

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Since drone pilots are in high demand, and the field is only going to grow and expand as time moves on, there will be many job opportunities now and even more available to you in the future. If you ever wanted to get in on something exciting and new from the start, becoming a drone pilot, by getting your drone license officially known as a remote pilot certificate with a small UAS rating is the way to go. This will qualify you to take advantage of well-paid uav jobs in this new field.

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Look into Drone Training  Schools or Courses

It’s nearly impossible to enter into a new technical field like flying small UAS  without proper training. In the past, joining the military was the only way to receive training to become a UAV pilot. But that is now changing since there are so many new potential civilian uses for this amazing technology and there are now many schools available across the United States that offer drone pilot training courses.

Becoming a remote pilot is not going to be for everyone. Look into  uav jobs and training now to find out if you are a good fit. If it appears that you will be, get your drone license and you’ll jump in on the ground floor of an amazing opportunity.

The Future of Commercial Drone Pilot Jobs

As we’ve said, small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) can be used for many commercial purposes. Some of the hottest jobs available include:

  • Emergency Responders –  search and rescue drones are equipped with cameras and thermal imaging for disaster site scanning. Operating search and rescue drones is a financially rewarding and personally fulfilling experience.
  • Firefighters –  drones can get up over the fire and let firefighters see where hose streams should be positioned or redirected for the best outcome. This live drone footage is proving to be an invaluable asset to firefighters.
  • Police Departments –  local police agencies are starting to use sUAS as part of their day-to-day operations. They provide members of law enforcement with a bird’s eye view of potentially dangerous situations that they wouldn’t normally get to see without the existence of these drones.

Consider jumping into this growing field. The industry is taking off and more and more uses are being discovered or invented everyday. You can’t go wrong with highly sought after drone pilot jobs.

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