Drone Pilot controlling drone in the sky.

Before you start flying your drone, there are a few questions that you need to answer:

1) Is my Drone registered?

Drones that weigh less than 55 lbs. need to be registered when flying under FAA Part 107 and the registration number needs to be visible on the outside of the drone. The registration fee is $5.00 per drone and the drone registration is good for 3 years and then it needs to be renewed.
You can register online here with the FAA. Select “Fly sUAS under Part 107” and create an account to begin your registration.

2) Do I Know the rules under FAA Part 107?

Make sure that you know and understand exactly what is and what is not allowed under the Part 107 rules. Click through here to review the Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107).

3) Do I have my drone license?

This is officially called your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate with a small UAS rating and you can only apply for it after you pass the FAA Part 107 Knowledge test.

For the requirements to take the test and the steps to apply for your Remote Pilot Certificate click here.

The FAA also provides some free study materials which you can find here.

There are a variety of options to study for the Part 107 test from online courses to in-person classes.

Schedule an appointment to take the test at an FAA-approved Knowledge Testing Center.

4) Have I reviewed my flight plan?

Preflight planning is an important aspect of flying safe. Remember to plan for airspace and weather conditions.

Drone Safety Tips

Be aware of flying safely by following these tips from the FAA:

  • Fly your drone at or below 400 feet.
  • Always have visual contact with your drone. Keep it in sight.
  • Be aware of FAA Airspace Restrictions.
  • Respect the privacy of other people.
  • Never fly near other airports or other aircrafts.
  • Never fly over groups of people, public events or stadiums full of people.
  • Never fly near emergency situations like fire or hurricane recovery efforts.
  • Never fly under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

You may also find this beginner’s guide has some useful information!

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