FAA Announces Big Change for Displaying Drone Registration Number

FAA changes drone registration marking rules

New rules regarding marking the drone registration number on your drone will become effective for all flights as of February 23, 2019.

The FAA has posted the new rule in the Federal Register which will require that the registration number for your small unmanned aircraft needs to be displayed on an outside surface of the drone rather than in an inside compartment and it must be readily visible.

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High Demand for Commercial Drones Predicted

infographic showing future commercial drone uses

The Future With Drones

futuristic drones flying over the city

First used in military applications as far back as the Second World War, drone technology has now advanced to the point where they are used as toys, as photography and surveillance tools, and yes, as commercially viable appliances.

Far cheaper to purchase and operate than manned aircraft such as gyrocopters, drones can carry a wide variety of sensors and even light cargo. Informed observers expect the drone market to reach as much as $7 billion per annum by 2020. A great deal of this expected sudden increase will be based on regulatory reform, which has not kept pace with technological advances, even lower costs for greater capabilities, and – not to be overlooked – the improvements and wider application of machine learning and data analytics.

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Michigan’s Hope College Receives Frozen Yogurt Delivery by Drone

Quadcopter delivering a package

Utilizing today’s latest drone technology, the world of frozen yogurt has forever changed now that one company was capable of delivering their sweet frozen treats to Hope College in Michigan. To say this technological feat was anything but brilliant is a complete understatement.
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Disney Uses 300 Intel Drones to Make U.S. Light Show History

white drone uav flying in blue sky

The Walt Disney World resort in Florida has recently made history. They took 300 Intel Shooting Star drones and used this advanced technology to innovate the traditional light show at their resort. This technological advancement is a true achievement that will help improve the holiday season for kids of all ages this December.

The name of their latest innovation is called “Starbright Holidays, An Intel Collaboration” and this exciting drone-based light show kicked off the holiday season on November 20th with two shows; one at 7:30 PM and one at 8:30 PM. They will continue to host more shows all throughout the holidays.

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