How do I become a commercial drone pilot in the U.S.?

On August 29, 2016 the FAA finalized the new regulations regarding the commercial use of small drones titled Part 107. This requires all drone operators to either obtain a Remote Pilot Certification with a small UAS rating or be directly supervised by someone who does have this certification. That person is called a Remote Pilot in Command.

In order to obtain this Remote Pilot Certificate you must pass the FAA Knowledge Test to show that you understand certain key requirements under the new Part 107 regulations.

How much does the Part 107 Knowledge Test cost and what is a passing grade?

The knowledge test costs $175 and you will need to get a grade of 70% to pass it.

Do I need further drone pilot training to get a job?

Different employers have different qualifications so best to check with them. Even though there is currently no federal requirement for practical training to obtain your remote pilot certificate and fly drones commercially, additional training will only help to make you more marketable, qualified and stand out from the crowd of other applicants. If you are working for yourself, the more skilled you are the more value you will provide to your client.

Do I have to pass a flight physical to fly a drone?

No. There is no requirement for a physical.

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