Michigan’s Hope College Receives Frozen Yogurt Delivery by Drone

Quadcopter delivering a package

Utilizing today’s latest drone technology, the world of frozen yogurt has forever changed now that one company was capable of delivering their sweet frozen treats to Hope College in Michigan. To say this technological feat was anything but brilliant is a complete understatement.

Recently, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt made history by being the first company to deliver frozen yogurt via drone to Michigan’s Hope College. No other frozen yogurt company has utilized this technology anywhere in the world as far as the records are concerned. No one else has stepped forward to claim that they were the first.
The interesting thing is that delivery drones have the ability to reach up to 30 mph. This fascinating piece of technology is also very sturdy and powerful, and it can carry packages that weigh as much as 30 pounds.

All told, the entire delivery going from Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt to the Hope College campus only took a total of 15 minutes. And according to a report on WOOD TV8, the entire trip was about a mile in total, so the drone didn’t have very far to go but it is still an amazing accomplishment since nothing like this had ever been done before.

The college campus was also in for a major treat after the drone successfully delivered the frozen yogurt. Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt was so excited about their success that they decided to throw a party for everyone so that they could celebrate their amazing accomplishment.

Truth be told, Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt is far from the only company experimenting with advanced drone technology. Package delivery service UPS has delivered a package via drone in Salem, Massachusetts. The whole trip was just over 3 miles long, and the route the drone took was over the open ocean.

Expect more tests from many other companies as the technology for drone delivery continues to improve in cost, safety and effectiveness.

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